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Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited

Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited

We developed (Sony Membership System) and (Sony Online Shopping). Other than these two main system, we also provide technical support and design for various projects including online survey and ecard system.

Swire Travel

Swire Travel

Swire travel selected Pacmobil for its online travel solutions out of a group of 5 other short-listed competitors. Our highly skilled technical team was able to address all of Swire Travel’s requirements in the development of a B2B interface with Computer Reservation Systems, used by all major airlines worldwide. Pacmobil's high quality solution enhances Swire Travel’s bid on its e-travel venture.

Swire Hong Kong Staff Association

We provide a CRM engine for update the web site.

Lane Crawford

We provide a web hosting service and membership login engine.

McDonald's APMEA Quality Centre Web Site

The whole system will be changed to a web based system. The major advantage is that the administrator does not require distributing the application to the supplier. All the users can access the system through the web browser and retrieve required information from anywhere.

Another advantage for using the web based system is that the whole system is centralized in Hong Kong office. Any enhancements made to the system will take effect instantly. The current system can be upgraded only if the application is redistributed to the suppliers but the new system can be enhanced and fine-turned in the centralized server from time to time.

The users can access the system from the web server which is located in Hong Kong office through the Internet. The web server will store or retrieve suppliers’ information, sample evaluation results and various reports from the database through the office internal network.

Hong Kong Housing Authority

Provide E-Face Facial Recognition Attendance System to over 200 estates for contract or permanent staff attendance records

TAL Group (

We provide 3 systems to integrate with TAL ERP System to provide online services: eProcurement, ePack and eBilling.


  • Integrate and communicate with ERP System, Movex.
  • Sub-material supplier can browse the Procurement Order information
  • Supplier can confirm the Procurement Order
  • Supplier see the Order in a easy view "Matrix Format"
  • Supplier can select or changes the delivery method
  • Supplier can split the line into sub-line
  • Real time generate of reports
  • Provides inbox and history log, draft box and sent box
  • Able to view all log files
  • Cross checking on the input data


  • Integrate with Movex System
  • Automate the Input of account transactions, reduce the workload of accounts department
  • Provide platform for forwarders and TAL for dealing forwarder invoices
  • Ease the checking process by build in checking points inside the system
  • Store the logistic cost information [Orders & Invoices]


  • Integrate and communicate with ERP System, Movex
  • Sub-material supplier can input information of packing and invoice thru the system
  • Supplier can upload their own pre-format packing/invoice file to our Web site. System can auto convert them into our system and get back the status to suppliers
  • System can generate carton labels data for supplier to download, so that supplier can print out labels and stick on their products and cartons
  • Provides an automatic email notification for event slippages
  • Real time generate of reports
  • Receives and process electronic documents in different formats, such as XML, text file and EDI format
  • Provides search functions
  • Provides inbox and history log, draft box and sent box
  • Able to view all log files
  • Auto generate packing data/ invoice data function
  • Multi invoice and Multi package
  • Order Status on the sub-material
  • Cross checking on the input data

Budget System Estimate
Provide an admin interface to configure the followings:

  • User and Group security control
  • Account table mapping in the monthly expense
  • Currency table maintenance
  • Material Cost maintenance

PCCW Directories Limited


  • Input Name, Email
  • Generate YP Card No. using IMEI
  • Send the registration information via SMS


  • Bring up YP Wap link in WAP Browser
  • Searching functions - Display result in WAP Browser
  • Check for update


We provides the karaoke remote control system.

IVRS Marketing Campaign Service

PacMobile offers complete Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) marketing campaign services to both small and large businesses. Our services include all the necessary hardware, software and phone lines. No investment in new infrastructure is required. It is virtually an on-the-fly marketing campaign solution to many of our customers.

We have developed a library of applications for different businesses' marketing needs. Here are a few applications that we have done:

  • Message and Recording Services
  • Customer Survey and Opinion Poll
  • Customer Service
  • Order Entry
  • Product Promotion
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Lead Generation & Capture
  • Contests and Opinion Polls