Business Automation Division

Mission – Assist our clients in automating their business by delivering tailor-made business automation tools such as CRM, Inventory Management, Human Resource Management and Project Control.

To stay competitive and improve efficiency, traditional corporations are becoming aware of the needs to automate their business operation.  We believe, in the coming decade, business automation applications will be highly sought-after solutions for general corporations. In view of such needs, the company has set up a Business Automation Division in July 2005, and soon won our first contract from Chevalier for computerizing their lift and evaluator division. We will also develop a tailor-made ERP solution for the division, which include modules for payroll management, project control and inventory control.  In the same quarter, we have assisted Ma Belle to provide CRM services for their retail shop as well as engage in a plan to migrate their POS to web based POS.  At the same time, we have developed our content management tool for Tai Fook Securities.

New Technologies Division

Mission – Assisting sizable corporations in adopting new technologies while ensuring security of their system.

We believe to encourage the usage of e-commerce by the general public, corporations need to solve the online payment and security problems.  We have a professional team that encompasses of payment, XML and security experts.  We have the capabilities to apply our professional knowledge and research to assist sizable organizations to setup their payment and security systems.

The division is setup in the first quarter of 2005. We have assisted several companies to establish their e-commerce platforms and payment solutions such as, HKNet, MaXX, Epari as well as So-net.  Having certified professionals in security, this division have the capabilities to serve companies in providing consultancy and formulating security solutions.  Besides, we are developing XML technology for hotel and airline booking service.